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Using High-Legibility Font

PanQuiz! offers several specific options to help users with accessibility needs. In details, you can enable the use of a special font while taking your assessments. If you want to enable it, please follow the steps below:

  • In your question list page, click the icon in the top-right and the Assessment Settings pane will be displayed
  • Choose the Options tab
  • Select the Accessibility pane
  • Enable the option Use high-legibility font

After saving your settings by clicking the SAVE button, you’ll be able to preview the assessment by clicking the icon in the top-right and see the assessment with the new font.

PanQuiz! uses the EasyReading font, the result of nearly a decade of studies, a font that exceeds reading barriers also for the dyslexic. EasyReading is a hybrid font, with an essential design, because it has both serif and sans-serif letters. The specific design of the letters with dedicated serif, useful in avoiding mistaking letters with similar form, has led to wider calibrated spacing that counteracts the perceived crowding effect, thus facilitating reading.

An independent scientific research confirms that EasyReading is a valid compensatory instrument for readers with dyslexia and a facilitating font for readers of all kinds. The EasyReading font has received a positive opinion from the Italian Dyslexia Association (AID) for its specific graphic features that facilitate reading by individuals with dyslexia