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Writing questions automatically with Mr. PanQuiz and artificial intelligence

This feature is experimental.

A new and important feature of PanQuiz is the integration with artificial intelligence (AI) tools: thanks to the help of Mr. PanQuiz (your faithful helper!) you can now save time in creating questions and answers.

Using a very simple interface, you can ask Mr. PanQuiz to “think” and write on your behalf any multiple choice questions (MCQs) about any topic or subject. Generated questions can then be used directly in your live quizzes or assessments. You can customize your request by changing the number of questions to write, the number of different choices (distractors), the question difficulty level, if you want to include a brief explanation of the correct answer (available for assessments only, not also for live quizzes), the language of the questions, and finally the topic, the reference passage or the reference document.

Choosing the topic

The most important part of your request consists in choosing the topic of the questions you want to generate: when you start typing a few characters in the relevant text box, Mr. PanQuiz suggests a few general topics, but you can type any custom topic or a short sentence. The more precise and detailed you are, the more relevant and valid the questions generated will be. The time required to write your questions can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes, according to the complexity of the topic, the number of questions and the server load. Hint: if Mr. PanQuiz is taking a bit longer than expected, you can even play a classic game with him, while waiting for the questions to generate in the background. 🙂

Adding the passage

If, instead of the topic, you want Mr. PanQuiz to generate some questions related to a particular passage of text, you can paste it (minimum 100 words, maximum 5,000 words) into the relevant box: Mr. PanQuiz will then write the questions for you based on the text you provided!

Uploading the document

Finally, if you want to generate the questions from an existing document, you can upload it and Mr. PanQuiz will write the questions for you based on the text found in the document. You can upload documents in PDF, TXT, HTML, DOCX (Word) formats, presentations in PPTX (PowerPoint) format, and images in JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TIFF formats (don’t worry, Mr. PanQuiz will automatically read the text contained in the images, like magic! – actually it’s OCR).

Reviewing questions

After being generated, the questions are displayed on-screen for you to review and check: pay attention to this step as Mr. PanQuiz is still a new, experimental feature and the questions may be occasionally incorrect and/or not completely relevant. If any questions are not appropriate, you can report them (adding the reason) so that the PanQuiz team can verify them; include as many details as you can.

After you have checked the questions generated by Mr. PanQuiz, select the one(s) you want to include in your live quiz – or assessment – and click the button Use x questions to import them.