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Importing Questions from Word

PanQuiz! allows you to import existing questions from Microsoft® Word files (DOCX). If instead you have a Microsoft® Excel (or CSV) file, take a look at this article.

If you have created an assessment or exam paper in Word, you’ll likely be able to reuse it in PanQuiz! with a few – or even no – changes. Since a Word document is an unstructured file (as opposed to an Excel file), PanQuiz! tries to use a sort of artificial intelligence to understand what the questions are (and where they are written in the document), what the answers are, which the correct answer is, etc.

Sample templates

As previously said, a default Word template document is not necessary, but PanQuiz! gives you the freedom to use (almost!) any templates.

You can find below some Word documents that can be imported automatically:

How to import questions

Please follow the steps below to import your questions:

  • In your question list page (be sure you’re in the correct folder), click the icon    in the top-right and a menu with advanced options will be displayed
  • Select the command Import Questions
  • Select the FROM WORD tab
  • Drag the document containing the questions to import (or select it): the document will be uploaded and the import process will start.
Importing questions from a Word document is a complex and long-running process, and it may take from several seconds to 1 or 2 minutes (depending on the number of pages and questions available in your document). Please wait until the operation finishes before starting, if required, another import process.